10 Tips To Grow Your Instagram Followers In 2022

tips grow instagram followers

Instagram is the hub for gaining visibility in the virtual world and has more than one billion active Instagram users in 2022. Almost all are looking forward to growing their Instagram account, right from local businesses to large global brands. It is not easy to grow your Instagram followers if you are not committed to it.

If you are looking for a strategy to grow your Instagram followers and attract the right kind of connections, don’t miss out on reading this article. 

Engage with your audience

Engagement is the key. Take time to engage with your followers by asking them questions in your captions, responding to their comments and follow and talk to people with similar interests. More engagement leads to more visibility. 

Tell stories

Rather than sharing a photo, utilize your Instagram accounts to share your experiences, give advice and tell stories to your audience. Make the best of Instagram by sharing helpful content and use captions. 

Be smart with hashtags

Stop adding random hashtags. Stand out from the crowd by taking time to research hashtags and find the best suitable ones for you. 

Determine your target audience

Get to know your target audience. Identify their likes, interests, age and gender, as this information will help you to gain a better understanding of your target audience. Use this information wisely by curating the content that will engage your target audience. 

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Ditch the old games

Gone are the days when the old follow-unfollow games, leaving meaningless and spam comments and buying followers used to work. Such tricks don’t work anymore. If you still stick to these dumb games, it will do more harm than good. 

 Use Instagram features

Instagram is constantly upgrading and introducing new features every now and then.

If you were not utilizing these features, you should definitely try it now as it is never too late. 

Instagram Highlights

Do you have any popular stories and would like to keep it on your profile? Instagram Highlights enable you to keep stories on your profile. You can create highlights to save your popular blog post stories, some FAQs and whatever you want. Why not take advantage of this cool Instagram feature. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the favorite feature of many, admit it or not. They allow you to share more content as compared to what’s on your feed. Moreover, Instagram stories enable you to interact with your audience on a more personal level through Q&A, quizzes and much more, as well as build a stronger connection with them. 

Instagram Video

Videos are interesting and dynamic and therefore, people enjoy watching videos over pictures. Do you have video content and would like to share it with your audience? You can share videos in your feed, on Instagram stories, as well as on igtv. 

Instagram Analytics

Instagram analytics helps you to find out what kind of content works best for you, what content is most liked by your audience and which are the most commented posts. Using this information, you can take the necessary steps.

Take note of these easy-to-follow guidelines and grow your Instagram followers. 


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