Excellence is what Classdemy aims at. We help our students to excel by providing them with the best training that will enable them to become highly skilled and well-trained professionals, who can contribute meaningfully to the global human resource in the coming future. This training includes rigorous academic training, helping to develop essential industry-related skills, and also provides them with wide exposure to mold them into an ideal fit for a job. 

Students at Classdemy are always much more ahead of other students as they are exposed to real-time training from industry experts and get hands-on industry experience while working on real projects. This gives an edge to our students over other candidates in the job market. 

Previously, we have heard about the discrepancies in hiring a Digital Marketer from our clients. We have undergone a deep analysis based on the feedback received from our clients. Our analysis based on this feedback has helped us to understand the inconsistency between the requirements of the industry and the curriculum offered by Digital Marketing institutes. This Skill-Gap leads to graduates who are not employable for a particular job. 

Keeping this Skill-Gap in mind, Classdemy has made an attempt to fill this gap between the industry requirements and the curriculum. Classdemy has designed a curriculum that best suits the requirements of any industry. Our curriculum is continuing to empower our students to take up the job responsibility right from the first day. During their course period, students undergo industry training as well as academic learning that renders them with adequate industry exposure and makes them job-ready. 

At Classdemy, our students undergo a stern selection process that evaluates their skills, career goals, and passion. Our placement partners are pleased with how our students perform and adapt to the professional space.

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