8 Engaging Post Ideas To Grow Your Facebook Page

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Do you want your business to grow rapidly? Begin with Facebook as it will help you to reach and connect with your target audience. Engagement is key to grow your business. If you are falling short of Facebook post ideas for your business page, continue reading this reading article till the end. 

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People love to be included and feel like they matter to you. Polls do exactly the same and are therefore known to boost engagement and increase brand awareness through participation and shares. Through polls, you will not only get to know your audience but also make your brand more visible. 

Facebook Live Videos

Facebook Live Videos tend to get more attention than photo posts. Live videos not only get the highest engagement of all but also ten times more interaction than regular video posts. If you can’t think of any reason to go live, get creative. Through Facebook Live videos, the audience can have a deeper look at the real person behind the business. It helps to build trust and is definitely an amazing way to connect with your audience. 

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Give quick tip

Audiences don’t appreciate a sales pitch. They certainly engage with the content that will improve their lives in some way. Get your audience engaged by providing a quick tip without linking to your website, so that your audience knows that you are here to help them and not only for sales. 

Introduce yourself 

Self-introduction is crucial because the audience wants to know about you. Talking about your mission and brand, sharing your photo, telling your story and talking to audiences about your likes and obsessions helps them to connect with you as a person.

Share an inspirational video and a quote

Do you have any such content that inspires you or will inspire your audience? Don’t hesitate to share. Ask for their feedback and their favorite inspirational quotes to boost interaction. 

Ask a question 

Initiate a conversation with an interesting question. It is a great way to kick off an active comments thread. People love answering questions and sharing their opinions and thoughts. So, if you have nothing to post, go ahead and ask a question. To make it more interesting, ask a funny question that will encourage your audience to respond with a GIF.

Share a photo

As mentioned earlier, sharing your photo is important because it enables your audience to see the real face behind the business. Sharing your photo helps to develop trust between your audience and you. Simply pull out your mobile phone and click a picture. You do not need to have a fancy camera to click a picture. 

Respond to audience

Would you like being ignored by anyone? Feeling ignored is the worst and frustrating feeling ever, isn’t it? Therefore, if someone takes time to comment on your post, make sure you reply to such comments without fail. 

You definitely won’t regret reading this article. Try out these Facebook post ideas for your business page and you are sure to see great results.


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