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40+ Modules

Enter a novice, leave an expert. Our 40+ modules will take you through the A to Z of digital marketing. No prior knowledge or experienced required.


6+ experience

Learn from experienced and expert marketers who have been engaged in digital marketing in chennai for a long 6 years.


8+ certification

Never fall short of employer expectations. We are the only digital marketing training in Chennai that gives abundant choices of training..


120+ hours

Not too short, not too long. Just the optimum length of course duration to help you become a digital marketing professional.

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Digital marketing training in chennai

Digital marketing empowers businesses to reach their target customers easily, quickly and also cost-effectively. It helps achieve the dual objectives of growing business volumes or building brand identity.

Digital marketing became mainstream in the past one decade. However, there is still a dearth of digital marketers who can make the internet work in favor of a business. Signing up for a digital marketing course in Chennai can improve the career prospects of an individual.

It will make them capable of securing employment or starting their own venture as a digital marketer. You can explore opportunities as a SEO analyst, social media marketers, content marketer, email marketer, campaign manager among many others.

Whether you are a student who is trying to land the first job or an individual who want to explore a new career opportunity, you can give digital marketing a shot. As one of the the Best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chennai, we will help you set a foothold in digital marketing.


Classdemy was born out of necessity. As students ourselves we were always on the lookout to find experts who could show us the way forward. Our search, continuous learning and experience has helped us turn classdemy into one of the best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Chennai.

    Our specialities include:
  • A constantly updated curriculum that is in tandem with market trends
  • Experienced trainers with broad experience, deep expertise and long standing experience
  • 100% job placement
  • Assured certification in Google Analytics, Adwords, Hubspot Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, LinkedIn marketing, and social media marketing
  • Practical training that will make you an independent marketer
  • Self-paced course
  • Ambient classrooms in heart of the city
  • Certifications on course completion
  • Continuous support post certification
  • Get exposed to the diverse forms of digital marketing and their working
  • Understand how to create a digital marketing strategy from scratch
  • Become masters of SEO, SEM, SMO, email marketing and paid marketing

Job Opportunity for Digital Marketing in Chennai

The world of digital marketing needs intelligent professionals. Are you game?

SEO Executive

3,50,000 - 6,00,000

SEM Executive

4,50,000 - 7,00,000

Social Media Manager

4,00,000 - 7,00,000

Digital Marketing Executive/manager

6,00,000 - 10,00,000

To Whom Digital Marketing Training is suitable for?

It doesn't matter who you are. All that matters is your passion to grow your career

  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Part-time learning with college degree
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Post graduation continuous learning to secure job as a digital marketer
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Learning while on a job
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Explore career change
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Grow the online presence of your business with internet marketing in Chennai
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Bring in new leads through digital marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Reach target customers through tailor-made digital marketing campaigns
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Start digital marketing as a service
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Enhance career opportunities with digital marketing training in Chennai
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Enact a career change with digital marketing certification
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Shift from offline marketing to online marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Start a side-gig or become a full-time freelancer

Scale your career with the Best Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

Learn at your will. Learn at your pace. Learn digital marketing in Chennai from Classdemy

Explore our Digital Marketing Course Packages

Go from beginner to expert.we have devised our digital marketing course packages to suit every individual and their career goals



24 Modules

80 hours


Hands on Training

Cost: Rs. 18,999/
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Market Trend & Keyword Research
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Website Architecture & Planning
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Search Engine Optimization
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Local SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Landing Page Optimization (LPO)
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Content Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Search Engine Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Video SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Display Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Video Marketing/YoutubePaid Ads
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Shopping Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Web Analytics
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Mobile Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Email Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Facebook Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Instagram Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Twitter Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Linkedin Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Pinterest Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Hashtag Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Influencer Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Quora Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Digital Marketing Tools

Everything in Basic DMC Plus the below topics



34 Modules

100 hours


Hands on Training

Cost: Rs. 26,999/
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Online Reputation Management
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Affiliate Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Blogging & Adsense
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Drip Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Telegram Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Podcast Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Whatsapp Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Periscope Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Reddit Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Chatbot Marketing

Everything in Advanced DMC Plus the below topics



40 Modules

120 hours


Hands on Training

Cost: Rs. 39,999/
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Amazon SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Shopify SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Conversion Optimization
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Webinar Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai Advanced Tools
  • digital-marketing-course-in-chennai App Store Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ about our Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

Any person who has computer knowledge and basic understanding of how the internet works can learn digital marketing.

Yes, we provide the best online training for digital marketing in Chennai

Our digital marketing training procedure involves practical classes immediately after the completion of the theoretical concepts.

At Classdemy, we ensure our digital marketing course syllabus is always up to date. Our course syllabus includes, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, content marketing, facebook marketing, instagram marketing, linkedin marketing, twitter and pinterest marketing, quora marketing, chatbot marketing and many more.

Many MBA graduates have this dilemma of whether they should get trained in digital marketing. In this competitive times, it is very important for an MBA graduate to learn how to use digital channels to promote a business or service. Digital Marketing is the future, mastering it will open new opportunities.

Yes, you can do digital marketing course after completing 12th grade.

Yes, Classdemy provides a certificate for advanced digital marketing course in Chennai, also we will guide you to get various digital marketing certifications such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Blueprint, Bing ads.

Yes, you can become a freelancer immediately after completion of the digital marketing course in Chennai.

Classdemy is located near kodambakkam railway station and requires a 2 minute walk from there. Also kodambakkam bus stop is a 2 minute walk from our academy.

In a Digital Marketing Course, you will learn how to promote your product or service through online channels like search engines, social media, email, mobile etc. A digital marketing course will equip you with the necessary skills to promote anything online using the available digital channels and help reach the marketing goals easily.

When you join a digital marketing training course you will learn how to rank a website on the search engines, drive traffic through paid search ads and display ads, create a community on social media and make sales through paid social media ads. From email marketing to chatbot marketing you will be learning everything about digital marketing.

Anyone who has an interest to become a digital marketer can join the digital marketing training course. Whether you are a student, working professional, entrepreneurs, home makers etc can benefit from this course. Only eligibility is good working knowledge of computer and internet.

Digital Marketing Course in Chennai with Placements

Our former digital marketing students have got placed in well reputed firms in Chennai