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40+ Modules

Lacking in prior knowledge and experience? Don't fret! Join as a newbie, walk out as a specialist. Our 40+ modules will take you from soups to nuts of digital marketing.


6+ experience

Accelerate your knowledge by learning from experts and experienced marketers in Bangalore who have been engaged in the field of digital marketing for a very long time.


8+ certification

We have everything for everyone. Classdemy is the only digital marketing training institute in Bangalore which offers 8+ certifications that enables you to choose the right certification you need.


120+ hours

We believe in "No Less, No More" formula. Classdemy has designed just the optimum length of the course duration to help you to excel and become a certified digital marketing professional.

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Digital marketing training in Bangalore

Digital Marketing is a rising trend today and it will continue to be in fame for years to come as all the businesses are going online.The digitization of businesses has broadened the scope of Digital Marketing. Today, almost all businesses need skilled Digital Marketers who can make the internet work in their favour.

A skilled digital marketer can drive sales and revenue and build brand identity using various digital marketing strategies. Enter this era of Digital Marketing by signing up for a digital marketing course in Bangalore to improve your career prospects.

By signing up for this digital marketing course in Bangalore, you will be able to land your dream job and at the same time, start a new journey as a Digital Marketer. You can explore a wide array of job opportunities as an Online Content Developer, Brand Manager, Social Media Marketer, Professional Blogger and so on.

Anyone can enter this booming field, be it a student who wants to land a dream job or an individual who wants to explore new career opportunities and even the one who wants to take their business online. Classdemy being one of the best Digital Marketing training institutes in Bangalore will help you to make a mark in digital marketing.


Classdemy is one of the best digital marketing training institutes in Bangalore. With an aim to lead individuals towards a better future, Classdemy was born. Our mission is to empower individuals, help them to achieve their career aspirations and make them independent professionals.

    Our Main Attractions:
  • Our curriculum is constantly updated as per the recent market trends.
  • We have experienced and expert trainers in Digital Marketing on board who will help you to embark on your new journey as a digital marketer.
  • We offer a 100% placement assistance.
  • We not only cover the theoretical part but also provide practical training in Digital Marketing that will make you
  • Well-furnished classrooms
  • Continuous support even after completion of your course.
  • Certifications are awarded after successful course completion
  • You will master all the essential disciplines including SEO, SEM, paid marketing, web analytics, content marketing and social media marketing.
  • You will be able to launch effective Digital Marketing campaigns.
  • You will be exposed to diverse forms of digital marketing and your duties and responsibilities as a digital marketer.
  • You will understand how to create an effective digital marketing strategy.

Job Opportunity for Digital Marketing in Bangalore

Every business needs quick-witted digital marketing professionals. Do you want to be the one?

SEO Executive

3,50,000 - 6,00,000

SEM Executive

4,50,000 - 7,00,000

Social Media Manager

4,00,000 - 7,00,000

Digital Marketing Executive/manager

6,00,000 - 10,00,000

Who should opt for Digital Marketing Training in Bangalore?

We believe that there is no barrier to learning. Digital Marketing Training is suitable and open to all.

  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore At Classdemy, you can undertake Digital Marketing as a part-time course along with your college degree.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore You can undertake this course after your graduation to secure your job as a Digital Marketer.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore You can learn while you are on a job.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore You can also undertake digital marketing course to explore the career.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Business owners who are looking forward to growing the online presence of their business can join digital marketing training in bangalore.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Reach target audience by spending less money as compared to traditional marketing methods.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Create brand awareness and track customers responses.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Know the needs and demands of the target audience.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Enhance career opportunities with digital marketing training in Bangalore
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Explore a new career change with digital marketing certifications.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Give up on traditional marketing and try out new ways of online marketing.
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Earn some extra bucks by becoming a freelancer or starting a side-gig.

Expand Your Career With The Best Digital Marketing Training In Bangalore

Learn what interests you at your pace. Sign up to learn digital marketing in Bangalore.

Digital Marketing Training Modules

We have designed the digital marketing course curriculum that caters to the learning needs of every individual.


30 Modules

100 hours


Hands on Training

Cost: Rs. 34,999/
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Digital Marketing Fundamentals
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Market Trend & Keyword Research
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Website Architecture & Planning
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Search Engine Optimization
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Local SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Landing Page Optimization (LPO)
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Content Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Video SEO
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Search Engine Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Display Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Video Marketing/Youtube Paid Ads
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Shopping Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Web Analytics
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Mobile Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Email Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Facebook Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Instagram Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Twitter Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Linkedin Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Pinterest Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Hashtag Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Influencer Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Quora Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Online Reputation Management
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Affiliate Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Blogging & Adsense
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Podcast Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Whatsapp Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Reddit Marketing
  • digital-marketing-course-in-bangalore Chatbot Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQ about our Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

Any individual with knowledge of how to operate a computer and understanding of how the internet works can easily learn digital marketing in Bangalore.

Classdemy offers the best training in digital marketing, our training is practical based and all our trainers are experts with 6+ years experience in top companies in digital marketing.

Digital marketing will take your career to the next level since every business is undergoing digital transformation and demand for digital marketers is on the rise.

Anyone who is interested to explore this field of digital marketing can do this course and gain knowledge and experience from our best digital marketing experts here at Classdemy.

We have our syllabus handpicked for a business person as we offer one of the best digital marketing courses in Chennai, lots of business people come to us for training and consulting.

Yes, we offer a 100% placement assistance to eligible students after completion of the digital marketing course in Bangalore.

Yes, we will offer a course completion in a digital marketing certificate after the successful completion of the course.

You can contact us anytime at +91 8056241635 or email us at info@classdemy.com, we’ll be glad to reply to you.

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore with Placements

Employability is a huge priority for all. We make sure that no student is left without a job after the course.